Meet Sophie!

Welcome to the herd, Sophie! Sophie joined the Sheriff Horsemanship herd on October 16, 2022. She is a molly (female) mule in her late teens and she has quite an impressive resume!

Prior to joining the Sheriff Horsemanship herd, Sophie was used as a riding and pack mule for big-game hunters in Colorado. Sophie has packed out elk, moose, and other big game while tackling 30-mile rides in one day. She has endless energy!

Sophie is gaited, meaning in addition to the traditional walk, trot, and canter, she has an “extra” gait between the walk and the trot. It’s very smooth and fun to ride. Sophie is also learning how to drive and pull a cart.

Sophie is an intermediate-level mule who knows her stuff! She loves hanging out with Red and the 51:10 Ranch herd, loves to trail ride, and tries to sneak a snack of grass if she can.

Odds are, if you hear a bray at the ranch, it’s Sophie!

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